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The Top Story Goes Here

Whatever you decide is the most important story for the month/quarter will go here. There can be multiple paragraphs and as many pictures as you like. An alternate method would be to make each page of the newsletter in Publisher, then, using the Snipping Tool that comes with Windows, make a JPEG image of the newsletter, then insert each page here as an image. That might get a little messy though and the quality might not be as good, but it is an option. Until then, since we have no story yet, look at this picture of a puppy and be happy.

This puppy picture was taken by Jonathan Kriz.
Isn't he cute?

The Second Story Can Go Here.

And it will have its own picture. This is just a stock picture that came with the template. I think the guy just heard something absurd and he's trying to keep a straight face for the picture, but that's just me.

A Third Article Goes Here.

It can have its own custom text too, and it doesn't need to be in the same font as everything else, but it can be if you want it to be.

And On And On It Goes
until you are satisfied with the amount of content for the newsletter. Remember, since this is being sent by e-mail, we can insert links for people to click on that will send them to a specific part of our website. For example, if you wanted to run an article about Box Tops for Education, we can add a link to the part of the site with the box top information. Or, if you want to tell everyone about the promo video, we can add a link to the Media page, or send them straight to the YouTube page with the video.

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