History of The Lighthouse Mission

The Lighthouse building, formerly an ice-house, was purchased from the Henneman family sometime before Hurricane Hugo hit St. Croix in Sep.1989. Mrs. Hennaman raised about 10 kids in the area years ago when it was the hub of Christiansted with no crime, no liquor stores, etc.


The intention of the new owners was to convert the top floor to a business office and rent out the downstairs.   It took them months just to clean out the upstairs of the building since squatters were staying up there. The new owners totally renovated the upstairs and evicted the bar that operated downstairs. All went well until Hurricane Hugo hit. All the windows were blown out and surrounding buildings were turned into ruins. Volunteers helped board it up.


Soon afterwards, the front steps of the building became a loitering spot for a mixture of homeless and prostitutes, which made it very difficult to rent. But the owners had a vision that the Lord wanted to use the building God’s glory.


 After Hurricane Hugo, one Christian organization moved into it, but eventually moved out as they did not have enough staff. Then, a new church started services there, but that only lasted for a couple of years.


 The owners saw the need for the local prostitutes’ children to be ministered to and also the homeless needed food, clothing and the Gospel. They let an evangelist start a ministry to the homeless and eventually enough volunteers were found to start a ministry to the local neighborhood kids.


They began to sense the Lord telling them to "give the building away", to let go and let God have it for full time ministry for His Glory. After much prayer, they gave the building to Southgate Baptist Church and continued to pray for the Lord’s will to be accomplished in Times Square.


The donor writes,” I think it was an overwhelming project initially for Southgate Baptist Church but I never lost the vision for full time ministry there. Repairs had to be made constantly since there were break-ins and thefts weekly for awhile and it seemed the devil was winning the war for Times Square, but Scripture tells us that "the gates of hell will NOT prevail against the church'' and eventually the break-ins decreased and eventually volunteers came to help.


“It is a "strong tower" that has survived many years of abuse because of man and hurricanes but thank God it has stood the test of time and is still a beacon in the midst of darkness there.  I pray that hearts will come together from other congregations and many more will volunteer their time and resources to help the Lighthouse grow and prosper. It will always be a special place in my heart & prayers.”