Our Mission

The Lighthouse Mission is a faith-based community service center whose mission is to "Shine the Light of Jesus into Christiansted" through programs of education and compassion. We are committed to enriching the lives of people within our community by serving, encouraging, teaching and challenging children and adults alike to find meaning and purpose in life through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

To develop a mission campus in the heart of our community, to learn the needs of people, and develop multi-faceted educational and service ministries to provide spiritual, mental, social and emotional support and encouragement for individual growth and development.

Our Core Values

  • Christ Centered
  • Service Oriented
  • Community Minded

Our Location

The Lighthouse Mission is located on the beautiful island of St. Croix in the Caribbean Sea. St. Croix, along with St. Thomas and St. John comprise the territory of the U.S. Virgin Islands. St. Croix has a population of approx. 55,000 and is 84 sq. miles in area.

Our facility is nestled in the heart of Christiansted, one of two cities on the island. It is located at the corner of Company and Market Streets in historic Sunday Market Square.

Our Team

Mission programs are staffed and supported by a blend of paid employees, local pastors, committed volunteers and sponsors from across the island and around the world. God has brought together people with varied interests and expertise to fill positions for which they are uniquely suited.